Adele Sings “All I Ask” Without Noticing The Sound Cut Off: Watch

Christina Lee | April 5, 2016 2:33 pm
Adele In The Rain
Adele sings "Set Fire to the Rain," in the rain, during the opening night of her world tour.

On April 2, Adele sang “All I Ask” on tour, as she has over the past month. This time, however, the sound cut off about halfway through. And somehow, Adele didn’t notice until the crowd at Birmingham’s Genting Arena told her.

“Why did you all start cheering midway through? I thought there was a streaker on stage, what was that?” she asked. To be fair, though, her audience — her fourth at that venue alone — was more than happy to help. Without missing a beat, people sang her every word and whistled along. It’s as if they wanted to keep Adele’s spirits high, after she dealt with technical difficulties at the Grammys.

(Her idea of dealing: eating at In-N-Out.)

Watch Adele sing “All I Ask,” sound issues and all, below.

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