Alessia Cara Is Opening For Coldplay & There’s Probably A “Here” Lyric That Applies

Carl Williott | April 6, 2016 2:18 pm

Alessia Cara is a great new talent, with the latest corroboration being her Breakthrough Artist award at the JUNOs. So the more exposure she gets, the better. And when it comes to exposure, opening for Coldplay is about as big a stage you can get as a supporting act. But still, the “Here” singer opening for Chris Martin and co. is an odd fit.

Cara will open for them on a handful of UK dates in June. We get it, Coldplay expanded their horizons and ventured into new pop genres on A Head Full Of Dreams, so they’re all about straight-up pop now. But the album was a brick (Beyoncé barely resonated when she was thrown into that universe), so this comes off like some weird, desperate grab at the youth vote, like the poptimist monoculture gone overboard.

But good for Alessia! Hopefully the Coldplay faithful will arrive early and see what the hype’s about.