Rick Astley’s Still Got It: Watch The Video For His Comeback Single “Keep Singing”

Robbie Daw | April 8, 2016 4:56 pm

Rick Astley will always be remembered for his late ’80s pop tunes like “Never Gonna Give You Up,” “Together Forever” and “She Wants To Dance With Me,” but every so often, he pops back up with new music. Such was the case in 2001, when the British crooner returned with vastly underrated single “Sleeping,” and in 2010 when the upbeat “Lights Out” (off never-released album My Red Book) arrived. And mind you, Astley, who is married to Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Lene Bausager, never seems to age as time goes by.

That said, Rick, if you can believe it, recently turned 50, hence the Adele-esque title of his forthcoming album, 50 (out June 17 via BMG). The Internet was shocked this week when the subject of one of its favorite memes popped a new video out there, for lead 50 single “Keep Singing.” It’s not the typical dance or pop fare that you’re used to from Astley; instead, “Keep Singing” is an emotional, bluesy number complete with gospel choir-like backing vocals.

Rick never ceases to impress, and “Keep Singing” is no exception. Watch the video above.

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