Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records Announces Layoffs

Carl Williott | April 11, 2016 8:58 am

Kesha‘s sexual abuse lawsuit against Dr. Luke hit a major obstacle when a judge threw out many of her abuse claims last week, but now the producer has experienced his own hurdle, though it’s outside the courtroom. A day after the ruling, a spokesperson for Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records told Pitchfork that the Sony imprint is conducting layoffs, which may lead to some schadenfreude for the #FreeKesha movement after the singer’s court defeat (even though the workers likely had nothing to do with whatever alleged abuse occurred…everything is awful.)

“Kemosabe Records and Sony elected to downsize certain departments,” the statement reads. “Some of those functions will be handled by Sony as part of their joint venture relationship. Kemosabe continues to be fully operational and is excited about its current releases and the upcoming year.”

The rep clarified that the cuts have nothing to do with the Kesha lawsuit. One thing the statement makes clear is that Sony has not distanced itself from the label, despite rumors last month that the company was cutting ties with Luke.

And as for Dr. Luke, he’s still getting work — despite the protests of many pop fans — having recently scored a producer credit on JLo’s new single.

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