MLHLND Explores Love, Lust & Heartbreak On “21st Century Love Vol. 1” EP: Listen

Jordan Simon | April 11, 2016 4:26 pm
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MLHLND experienced his first taste of prominence in 2014 with his debut single, “Clothes Off,” a synth-flavored bedroom romp with elements of ’80s R&B. Living on the promise of his debut, Australia’s latest pop export is making noise once again with the release of new EP, 21st Century Love, Vol 1. On the three track EP, MLHLND sings themes of love, lust and heartbreak in a wistful falsetto over cascading synths. The opening track, “Pure” is a dreamy pop ballad replete with themes of unrequited love: You know I like the scent on the things you wear/ You know I like the look of your make-up smear. 

On the second track “Closer,” spacious rhythms merge with space-age R&B as MLHLND sings of a sexual encounter, with vocals eerily reminiscent of Prince: Looking in your eyes, yeah you’re in full bloom/Give up on your scent, we’ll make our own perfume,.” 

With “Falling,” he laments the ramifications of yearning over an absentee lover: “I hear your voice so clear it’s like you never left/ I miss the way you scratch my skin until I’ve bled.” While versatility and verisimilitude is a rarity in the pop game, this Aussie vocalist cleverly showcases emotion in a genre closely synonymous with partying, hollow nights and drunken debauchery.

Listen to MLHLND’s excellent new EP below.

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