Conrad Sewell’s “Remind Me” Gets A Summery Steve James Remix

Mike Wass | April 11, 2016 8:12 pm
Conrad Sewell Interview
Conrad Sewell talks to us about his debut LP and looming hit "Start Again." Read on.

A gospel-tinged ballad complete with a choir and string section, Conrad Sewell’s “Remind Me” isn’t an obvious candidate for a house remix. This could have gone very wrong in the hands of a lesser producer, but Steve James proves more than up to the task. The 18-year-old behind Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” performs an act of studio sorcery — transforming the soulful song into a summery banger, while still staying true to its warm, organic sound. Don’t be too surprised if radio gravitates towards this version.

“With ‘Remind Me’ I got a very unique chance to work with both gospel influences and a lot of organic sounds,” Steve explains. “I’m excited about how sticking to that palette turned out. There’s a new palette of sounds and basis for inspiration around every corner, and an unlimited array of options to choose from — really there isn’t a better way to find your own sound than re-imagining others.” Listen to the teenager’s killer remix below.

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