Peter Berg Is Directing A Rihanna Documentary

Robbie Daw | April 12, 2016 1:21 pm

Peter Berg, the executive producer behind such TV series as Friday Night Lights and The Leftovers, is working on a Rihanna documentary titled simply Rihanna, according to the website for production company Film 45. Berg, um, also directed Rihanna in Battleship, but we won’t hold that against him.

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“Follow this true international superstar as she navigates life as an artist, businesswoman, and humanitarian, while contending with the inherent pressure of artistic freedom,” notes the Film 45 site. “Peter Berg’s Rihanna is an unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life and how she’s ascended to become a global icon, providing a glimpse into the evolution of one of the world’s most well-known pop artists.”

Berg also posted the following snap on his Instagram earlier this week.

This girl RiRi she’s not bad. See I’m smiling I ain’t mad.

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