Future’s Countersuit Against Ciara Formally Calls Her Last Album A Flop

Carl Williott | April 13, 2016 1:29 pm

Before Ciara got engaged to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, she dropped a $15 million lawsuit on ex-fiancé Future for slander and libel resulting from some disparaging public remarks he’d made about the mother of his child. And now Future has formally responded with a countersuit, wherein he proceeds to take a shot at Ciara’s 2015 LP Jackie, calling it a flop. You see, the insult is actually part of his legal case.

Ciara’s suit must prove that Future’s comments harmed her reputation/livelihood, and as TMZ summarizes, Future’s legal response is essentially “I can’t damage her rep if she doesn’t have one.” The site says that to prove this, his countersuit drops the F-bomb about her last album and points out she has won few awards in recent years.

It’s weird to think that these defensive claims essentially amount to Twitter burns, but delivered in official court documents. What a time to be alive.

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