Watch Justin Bieber Duet With Mentor Usher In Atlanta

Carl Williott | April 14, 2016 9:29 am

Back when Justin Bieber was just a swoop-haired teeny-bopper YouTube star, Usher took him under his wing and helped him get signed. And I gotta say for a bit there it looked like the world would forever hold a grudge against Usher for unleashing the Bieber scourge (remember this?), but things turned out quite alright. And now nearly a decade later, while on tour for his all-grown-up hit album Purpose, Bieber was all smiles as he reunited with Usher on stage in Atlanta.

Bieber started performing an unplugged cover of Usher’s aughts classic “U Got It Bad” at Philips Arena last night (April 13), when the R&B legend emerged on stage, and the crowd just absolutely lost it — and that was before the two started performing together.

Usher stuck around for a few more of his hits, including “I Don’t Mind” and “U Don’t Have To Call.”

The love fest continued after the show, too, as the guys praised each other on Twitter.