Cruel Youth’s “Diamond Days”: Listen To The Latest From Natalia Kills’ New Project

Robbie Daw | April 15, 2016 12:33 pm

After unveiling the sound of her latest project Cruel Youth in February with the song “Mr. Watson,” Natalia Kills  — er, make that Teddy Sinclair — is back with another retro-sounding track called “Diamond Days.” (Are you confused yet?)

Like “Mr. Watson,” this number sounds like a mish-mash of Amy Winehouse by way of Lana Del Rey doing 1960s girl group pop. There are bells and sugary-sweet melodies galore, plus, of course, Sinclair’s old-school inflection. It’s a far cry from Rihanna‘s current single “Kiss It Better,” a track Sinclair co-wrote.

About “Diamond Days,” Sinclair says the following in a statement: “There is something more terrifying than heartbreak, and that is not feeling anything at all. ‘Diamond Days’ is the musical elixir of the loss of innocence in true love and the beautiful ruins of the future crushed into a thousand shimmering pieces. This is the very first Cruel Youth song we wrote, made in the summer at our home studio in New York with our dear friend, writer and producer Paro.”

Listen to “Diamond Days,” which was co-produced by Sinclair’s husband Willy Moon, above.

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