Mariah Carey Will Feature Her Wedding In Upcoming Reality Show

Christina Lee | April 16, 2016 11:08 am
Brandy's Back
Brandy's got the blues in her "Beggin & Pleadin" video, which has finally arrived.

Mariah Carey hasn’t revealed much of her relationship with Australian business mogul James Packer — until now. Her upcoming reality TV special Mariah’s World will actually feature their wedding. “Her team wants it on the show,” a source says to Us Weekly.

How did James respond? “He does what Mariah wants,” the source adds.

Mariah is filming the eight-episode series right now. She already promised to go behind the scenes into her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour and nuptials. But to show the actual wedding is another story. After all, Mariah doesn’t talk about her fiancé in interviews.

“If I start talking about this relationship, people will interpret it in their own way, so I think it’s safer for everyone involved to just not talk about the very personal aspect,” Mariah said to Style in a recent cover story.

It bears mentioning that Mariah and James haven’t set a date for their wedding yet. Perhaps other details, including whether it is indeed circus-themed, are also still undecided.

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