Kesha Joins Zedd At Coachella To Perform “True Colors”: Watch

Christina Lee | April 17, 2016 9:39 am
#FreeKesha Lives On
Fans supporting Kesha projected the words "Drop Dr. Luke" onto Sony headquarters.

No one knew exactly what Kesha would be doing at Coachella. Would she perform? Or was she there to check out live music, like all the other attendees? What she ended up doing was bigger than anyone could have guessed. Last night (April 16), producer-DJ Zedd brought Kesha out to perform one of his songs.

“Put those lights up! This is a really special moment for me,” he said, before the crowd shrieked at the sight of her.

Kesha ended up singing “True Colors,” the title track of Zedd’s 2015 self-titled album. This wasn’t a song that she had any hand in writing. Yet, with a voice more powerful than ever heard on her biggest hits, she made a bold statement. “No I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes / I’ll show you my true colors,” she sang. In light of her messy legal battle against Dr. Luke and Sony, these were fighting words.

Watch below.

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