Watch Lana Del Rey Sing Along To A$AP Rocky’s “L$D”

Carl Williott | April 18, 2016 10:46 am

Lana Del Rey was all over social media from Coachella all weekend, and she closed out her posting streak with an impromptu karaoke version of A$AP Rocky‘s “L$D.”

The rapper performed the psychedelic track during the fest on Friday night (April 15), and over on her Honeymoon Instagram account (still not sure what’s the distinguishing factor between the two Lana profiles), Lana praised her past collaborator’s set, which was equal parts turn-up function and head trip. And apparently she was still thinking about it Sunday, as she posted a clip showing her singing along to the song while driving. (Don’t selfie and drive, kids, unless you’re a famous musician and it’ll feed into your nihilistic, death-obsessed persona.)


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Elsewhere on the social meats, Del Rey potentially hinted that she’ll be a part of Guns N’ Roses‘ tour in some capacity by posting a photo of herself wearing a GNR 2016 Tour shirt which also had her name emblazoned on it.

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LDR would certainly be an odd opening act for Axl Rose and co., but maybe they want that juxtaposition to make them seem comparatively loud and wild to compensate for the aging process. Or, maybe she just got a custom shirt for being a superfan (turns out that is the case, see below).