Coachella 2016: G-Eazy On Festival Memories, Anxiety & “Me, Myself & I”

Mike Wass | April 19, 2016 12:15 pm
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Two years ago, G-Eazy walked around the dusty grounds of the Empire Polo Club in relative anonymity. He checked out sets, blacked out (it’s Coachella) and dreamed of one day being part of the bill. That wish came true on Friday night (April 15) when the lanky rapper took over the Sahara tent for a blistering 50 minute set that culminated in a knock-out rendition of breakthrough hit “Me, Myself & I” — complete with a cameo from Bebe Rexha.

I caught up with the 26-year-old a couple of days later to talk about his epic Coachella debut and the irony of his moody loner anthem being embraced as the ultimate party soundtrack. G-Eazy also admitted that expectations are high for his next single, “Drifting” featuring Chris Brown and Tory Lanez, but he isn’t about to chase radio any time soon. Find out more about the break-out artist’s festival experience below.

Growing up in California, have you ever been to Coachella before?
Yeah, I came the last two years. My friend Grady actually brought me the first time. He got me a pass. It was funny, we were just walking around the fest and he was like, “I give you two years and you’ll play this.” Now we’re here. I’d always, obviously, dreamed of playing it. I mean it’s Coachella.

What were your memories from those visits?
Blacking out all day.

Do you remember any sets?
Just mobbing around during a lot of sets. Kid Cudi was one of my favorite sets that I’ve ever seen at Coachella. Main stage. It was great energy, man.

How different is it this time around?
I mean, people know who I am and they know the music. I used to just walk around the fest. It was definitely a rush walking out on that stage in front of all those people. I played most every festival in the US and I’d been to Europe and stuff like that, but obviously Coachella’s Coachella.

Have you had a chance to check out any other performers?
Yeah, I saw Vince Staples last night. He killed it. Gallant was incredible. It was crazy.

“Me, Myself & I” is a loner anthem, but it got you invited here, to the biggest party in California. Is it still weird being around people?
I’m a loner at heart, man. Sometimes I get anxious, nervous in certain settings around people. Especially now as it’s started to kind of change and people look at me a little different. I get weird when people look at me and talk in the corner or something like that, whisper to each other. You know it comes with the territory and people are going to treat you differently and everything changes.

Did you have an inkling that it was going to be such a massive song?
Yeah. I had a feeling. When we made, it just feels big. I guess the irony is like you said, it is a loner anthem. It’s kind of an introverted song. But here I am performing at Coachella in front of 20,000 people singing the words.

The tent almost exploded when you performed it.
Yeah, it went off. It’s crazy. That’s the thing, man, people identify with it.

It was nice that you could bring Bebe out.
Oh, hell yeah. That was like … all of the sudden when that song came on the crowd went crazy. It’s the number one song on the radio this week for the second week in a row. Everything’s just lining up at the right time. Playing a prime time slot at Coachella, the crowd went crazy. It was dope.

Does the success of “Me, Myself & I” put a little more pressure on your next single to do well?
Yeah. Once they see what you’re capable of, that changes the game. I’ve always seen myself this way. I’ve always wanted to be huge. I’ve always wanted to be one of the biggest things in music. I guess it’s just a matter of speaking about how to do business and growing up to be what you want to be. I’m definitely excited to do the next record. We have a platform now. A real serious platform. When you’re young, and you’re shooting for the stars or whatever, and you’re just dreaming of doing all this, that’s all you ever wish for is to have a platform.

Have you worked out what the next single is going to be?
“Drifting” featuring Chris Brown and Tory Lanez.

Is there the temptation to try to create songs with mass appeal like “Me, Myself & I”?
Nah, you can never chase radio. That’s one thing I learned is you can never chase a quote-unquote “hit”. You can’t look for it. There’s no real formula or cheat code to it. It’s just got to be good music. You’ve got to go in, get in a good space mentally and create and try to make the best music you can make, but you can’t force it or anything like that.

When It’s Dark Out touches on a lot of real issues. Will the next album be lighter?
I’m still the same person. I’ve still got all the same stories to tell.

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