Mariah Carey Threw A Party Where Everyone Except Mariah Carey Dressed As Mariah Carey

Carl Williott | April 20, 2016 11:41 am

Aspiring pizzaiola Mariah Carey is currently in Europe for her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour, and while there she threw a Mariah Carey-themed party at an Italian villa, according to Page Six. Not in the “celebrate me by playing my favorite songs and bringing my favorite foods and lavishing me with gifts,” but by making her 40 guests — men included — dress up as Mariah Carey.

And how would one stand out amidst a cavalcade of costumed clones? Surely you don’t think Mimi overlooked that part! She showed up as her alter ego Bianca, a black-haired, black-clad femme fatale.

Ladies and gentlemen… #Bianca 😘😘😘

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And the best part is, the whole thing was apparently taped for her upcoming E! reality series Mariah’s World.

#Bianca returns 😘😘😘

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[via The Cut]