Flume Taps Tove Lo For Hazy ‘Skin’ Buzz Track “Say It”

Mike Wass | April 20, 2016 3:13 pm

Flume’s sophomore LP finds the Australian DJ bouncing between pop-adjacent electronica and the weirder, more experimental sounds of his debut. “What I want to do is have “Never Be Like You” on one end of the spectrum,” he said in reference to his breakthrough hit at Coachella. “And I also love some really weird shit. And I want to be able to do it all.” The producer’s latest Skin buzz track definitely lands in pop-friendly territory.

A hazy collaboration with Tove Lo, “Say It” ruminates on relationship woes over drowsy beats. “Get in the door, silent war, who’s the first to speak?” the Swedish hitmaker coos. “Speaking like a real freak, voice in my head in my bed filled with you instead.” It’s not as instant as “Never Be Like You,” what it lacks, hook-wise, it more than makes up in moody atmospherics. Listen to Flume’s next hit below.

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