Garbage Deliver Y2K Rock On ‘Strange Little Birds’ Lead Single “Empty”

Mike Wass | April 20, 2016 3:51 pm
Shirley Manson Interview
We talk to the singer about the 20th anniversary of Garbage's self-titled debut LP.

“Empty” wouldn’t sound out of place on either of Garbage’s seminal, turn-of-the-millennium albums (Version 2.0 and Beautiful Garbage). That isn’t to suggest that the veteran rockers have fallen into a time warp and are somehow stuck in the past. There’s just a confidence and fierceness about the exuberant track that harks back to their Y2K hey day. It’s stadium rock with balls and an undeniable pop sensibility, which promises great things for 6th LP Strange Little Birds (due June 10).

“I’m so empty,” Shirley Manson howls over crunching guitars on the soaring chorus. “You’re all I’m thinking about.” The tone is equal parts affectionate and accusatory, which is a familiar state of mind for anyone in the throws of lovesickness. As much as I enjoyed 2012 comeback album Not Your Kind Of People, “Empty” is the band’s most instant single since “Run Baby Run.” Listen to Garbage turn back the years below.

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