10 Flop Star Dudes Time Forgot (But We Never Will): Volume II

Jonathan Riggs | May 3, 2016 11:01 am

Everybody wants to rule the charts, but for most divas, starlets, and dudes who notch one hit, any chance of a lengthy career is usually like this:


That doesn’t mean we don’t love them for trying! Men of pop whose careers, for better or for worse, stopped and flopped, we still love you!

10. Perez Hilton

Debut album: no “Best” Single: “The Clap” (2008) Billboard Hot 100 Peak: lol His Secret Weapon: umm… His Most Eloquent YouTube Defender: “PUKE PUKE PUKE”

9. Lil’ Romeo

Debut album: Lil’ Romeo (2001) Best Single: “My Baby” Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 3 His Secret Weapon: A much better song. His Most Eloquent YouTube Defender: “i wonder if these artists ever look back at their old videos n be embarrassed by the dances they used to do lol”

8. Shawn Mullins

Debut album: Better Days (1992) Best Single: “Lullaby” Billboard Hot 100 Peak: 7 His Secret Weapon: “I need more Mullins!” His Most Eloquent YouTube Defender: “I was just thinking about my 17 year old next-door neighbor and this was her favorite song when she died in a horrific car accident in 1998. :-(“