Joan Grande’s Hot Take Review Of Daughter Ariana’s ‘Dangerous Woman’ Album

Robbie Daw | April 21, 2016 9:46 am

Not sure if this is the reaction you hope for when playing your new material in front of a loved one for the first time, but upon hearing the sweet dulcet tones of Ariana Grande‘s upcoming LP Dangerous Woman (out May 20), madre Grande nearly tossed her cookies.

Here is  Joan’s first-listen review of Ari’s third foray into the recording arts:

Wooooh my god! Who’s heard that? Has everyone heard that version? WOAHHHH! Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd! Woaaaaaaaaaah. [Finger wave] Noooooooo, Ariana! I’m not kidding — that’s the best song I ever heeeeeard. Oooooooh. Oh my god. HOLY SHIT! Oh my god — I almost vomited! I can’t believe it! What’s happening???!!

Your move, Pitchfork.

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