Listen To Prince’s Final Concert In Atlanta

Christina Lee | April 22, 2016 11:36 am
Silent Shout: The Prince Edition
Our recurring dispatch from pop’s fringes wouldn't exist without Prince.

Everyone there would tell you the exact same thing: Prince didn’t seem ill that night.

On April 14, Prince performed his final two concerts at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. April 14 was actually the makeup date, after he battled the flu. But no one there could have predicted that he would be at the hospital hours later. Prince had the crowd howling, screaming and rapt with just a piano, a mic and a purple spotlight. He took it all the way back, and he covered David Bowie‘s “Heroes” once more, his voice as resilient as ever.

“He left the stage a couple of times,” said Lisa Resper-France, CNN Digital Entertainment senior producer, who was there. “At one point he said he did that because he had forgotten how emotional some of the older songs could make him. He just felt so full up. But the man that I saw last week, a week ago today, was not someone ill. He was in top voice. It was a healthy Prince he saw last week.”

New reports say that Prince died on April 21 of something far more severe than the flu. But the live footage and audio from Prince’s last shows will make that terribly hard to believe. Relive the magic below.

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