Iggy Azalea: “Don’t Ever Call Me A Becky”

Christina Lee | April 26, 2016 11:51 am
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“If you tell me you want Becky, give me Brian,” Iggy Azalea raps in FKi‘s 2012 song “I Think She Ready.” Back then, she seemed to get that “Becky” is common hip-hop slang for “white girl,” as she even tried to play off its meaning. But now Iggy takes issue with the term altogether. “dont ever call me becky,” she said on Twitter, adding, “and by the way, this is not bey shade. i love her and the album. but my name is iggy, and you will all call me that.”

In “Sorry,” off her new album Lemonade, Beyonce breaks down as she sings about her cheating husband: “He only want me when I’m not there / He better call Becky with the good hair.” The point of this line was never to send her fans on a witch hunt to identify a suspect. This line is about how not even this pop superstar can feel completely confident in a world dominated by Eurocentric beauty standards.

Whether Iggy understood that distinction or not isn’t clear. “you would not be down if I started calling all black men ‘dashawns,'” she said to one fan, who also seemed to remember what she rapped in “I Think She Ready.” And when that same fan called her “racist,” she doubled down.  “Dont call all asian women ‘ming lee’ dont call white women ‘becky’ dont call black women ‘sha nay nay.'” See all of her “Becky” tweets below.

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