Zedd And Kesha’s “True Colors”: Review Revue

Robbie Daw | April 29, 2016 12:36 pm

Hopefully Kesha is Googling around to read reviews of “True Colors,” her first single (by way of Zedd) in three years — because they’re overwhelmingly positive. Who’d have ever guessed that we’d get new material from her this soon after her legal battle with Dr. Luke began (not to mention while it’s still apparently underway)?

Does “True Colors” signal the thawing of the freeze on Kesha’s musical output? We don’t know just yet. What we are certain of is that the singer has a brand new track out, and it’s currently sitting in the Top 10 on iTunes, hours after its release.

Below, we rounded up some of what the Internet has to say about Kesha’s bold return.

:: Rolling Stone calls the re-tooled song a “triumphant return” for Kesha: “The lyrics remain the same on Kesha’s take, though the style is more grandiose.”

:: Huffington Post brands the new version of “True Colors” an “an emotional update thanks to Kesha’s haunting vocals.”

:: NME declares the song to be “a moody, gothic electro ballad,” and adds, that “knowledge of Kesha’s legal wrangles weigh heavy on this new version, imbuing the lyrics, which address overcoming hardship and knowing your own worth, with powerful new meaning.”

:: Vanity Fair notes that “Kesha sounds more powerful than ever… As Kesha sings ‘I won’t apologize for the fire in my eyes’, it’s pretty obvious exactly whom the message is meant for.”

:: Glamour says the song “give us chills,” and adds, “It’s the perfect anthem as Kesha rises above such a devastating time in her life and career.”

:: Marie Claire states that “True Colors” is “in a word, liberating… We missed your ✨, Kesha.”

:: The Guardian puts the track into the context of Kesha’s overall output: “Kesha has long been a pop dance queen, thanks to the barnstorming success of her breakout single ‘TiK ToK’, and subsequent chart-toppers ‘Blow’ and ‘Take It Off’. Her last album, 2012’s Warrior, showcased a rawer side: on single ‘Dirty Love’, Kesha embraced her inner rocker convincingly by wailing alongside Iggy Pop. ‘True Colors’ is still by all means a pop song, but there’s grit in her delivery.”

:: Finally, Salon sums the singer’s return up with this: “…while Kesha’s creative dispute goes on, this new incarnation of her, one ready to declare ‘I’m not afraid, I’m not’ but to do it so joyfully, is so welcome.”

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