Be Afraid: Jacob Sartorius’ Debut Single “Sweatshirt” Arrives Tomorrow

Mike Wass | May 2, 2016 4:26 pm

It’s rare to see a single climbing iTunes on pre-release, but a quick scan of the digital retailer shows Jacob Sartorius sitting pretty in the top 100. The 13-year-old Twitter phenomenon, who is best known for showering fans with affectionate messages, drops his debut single tomorrow (May 3) and it’s shaping up to be a thing. But does “Sweatshirt” reach the tween-pop heights of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” or Cody Simpson’s “iYiYi”? The snippet suggests not.

“Baby, if you are not ready for my kiss then you can wear my sweatshirt and you can tell your friends we’ll be together ’til the end,” the Virginia native declares over lifeless synths. “Girl, you can wear my sweatshirt ’cause you’re the only one I’ll hold and I don’t want you to be cold.” It’s very much on brand (given his lovey-dovey tweets), but the teenager needs to seek out a more imaginative producer. Listen below.

Listen to “Sweatshirt”:

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