Tito Jackson To Release Debut Solo LP At Age 62: See The Cover Of Lead Single “Get It Baby”

Mike Wass | May 2, 2016 8:07 pm

UPDATE: The song just dropped. Listen below.

In perhaps the ultimate case of better late than never, Tito Jackson will release his debut LP later this year at age 62! The Jackson 5 legend has been tinkering away at the project for years, but it seems like the stars have finally aligned. He revealed the cover of lead single, “Get It Baby,” over the weekend and opened up about the project in a new interview with Jet.

“I was recording a record at Motown and right when I was really getting into it, my father moved us from the label so I never got to finish it,” Tito reveals. “I have been working on this album for quite some time.” Why did it take so long? “I became more interested in being a father… I also had a lot of tragedies over the years,” he says in reference to younger brother Michael Jackson’s death. “Every time there’s a tragedy, it can set you back a little bit. You just have to keep going and do everything that you love in honor of the people that passed.”

Tito also gave some hints about the direction of the music — particularly the lead single, which features rapper Big Daddy Kane. “We wrote ‘Get It Baby’ in my studio, and it’s just one of those songs where there really wasn’t a whole lot of science work to be done on it,” he says. “It’s one of those songs that has a Rock & Roll feel to it, but it also has a little bit of everything in it like funk and soul.” The track drops June 3 via Spectra Music.

Listen to “Get It Baby”:

Here’s the cover:

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