Not Surprisingly, Jay Z Was On Set For Some Of The ‘Lemonade’ Shoot

Carl Williott | May 3, 2016 5:13 pm

Jay Z allegedly signed off on Beyoncé‘s entire Lemonade project (not surprising, since it was exclusively released on his streaming platform), and now one of the film’s co-stars has confirmed that, on at least one day of shooting, Jay Z was on set.

Zendaya, who was being pestered by one of TMZ’s airport hounds looking for a juicy soundbite regarding the relationship drama at the heart of Lemonade, confirmed that the rapper did in fact stop by the shoot one day to visit his wife (wonder if it was the same day Hillary Clinton visited the Queen). After confirming that she saw Jay there, Zendaya was asked whether he was on set “while the whole Becky thing was going down,” and she responded “I wasn’t there for that. I was only there for one day…They’re beautiful together. They seem happy.”

When prodded about whether Jay seemed up to speed on the “Becky” stuff at the time, Zendaya kept her composure and played dumb, replying, “That’s a Beyoncé question, you gotta ask Queen B.”

Of course, Jay’s mere presence on set doesn’t necessarily mean he knew what was going down lyrically and musically (remember, when Bey filmed her s/t visuals, the music was played through earbuds to prevent leaks). But it certainly suggests that whatever alleged infidelity issues inspired the project, by the time Lemonade was being put together, the couple had already healed and moved on.

Watch the full airport ambush interview below.