You Tried It: The Good, The Bad & The Banks Of This Week’s Comments

Robbie Daw | May 13, 2016 7:00 pm

Oh, dear, dear readers. We’ve missed rounding up your weekly comments each Friday in our longstanding Whatcha Say feature. But let’s face it — that title is as tired in 2016 as Azealia BanksTwitter rants. (Sorry, Derulo.)

So while we put Whatcha Say down for a nap in February, we’ve now worked out a new readers’ comments roundup that celebrates both shade and insight — and appropriately, today is Friday the 13th, and we’re focusing on said banned Twitter vixen, Azealia.

Go ahead and jump into our inaugural You Tried It! below.


Most Likely To Stay Broke With Expensive Taste: Oilime Emilo

This absolute Punxel sassed us on Azealia Banks “Apologizes” After Rants Against Zayn, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Skai Jackson, Etc.: “If yall so bored of her why do yall keep posting about her? Give it up Idolator AB is keeping yalls wack ass site alive”

azealia gif

Most Sense We’ve Heard All Week: @AzealiasGhost

Devil’s Advocate Of The Week: Jay

Frequent commentator Jay was heavy metal and reflective on Azealia Banks’ Twitter Account Has Been Suspended: “I’ve been a fan of her music….her and her Twitter I try not to pay attention to but hopefully she’ll just focus on music, if she will even record anymore, from here on out.”


Most Likely To Actually Be Azealia In Disguise: deepTHOTS

On the same post, this treasure brought up a good point regarding the fact that Banks may find herself banned from the UK: “Like that stank bitch could afford a transatlantic flight!”

And finally…

Our Hero: Andy Claüs

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