Watch Nao’s “Fool To Love” Video

Carl Williott | May 10, 2016 1:19 pm

If you’ve been left unmoved by AlunaGeorge‘s recent fare, let Nao fill the void. That’s not to say she’s some knockoff, it’s just that her voice has similar qualities to Aluna Francis‘s and she also utilizes vaporous, sproingy electronic arrangements. RIYL, that sorta thing.

Anyway, her masterful usage of those tools is highlighted in new song “Fool To Love.” It’s a buffet of melodies, vocal warps and digital stabs, but the video is far simpler, following a man as he fights off an invisible attacker.

The British singer’s debut album should be out later this year, which is why we named her one to watch for 2016. Check out “Fool To Love” below.