Ariana Grande Features Future In New Song “Everyday”: Listen

Christina Lee | May 13, 2016 12:01 pm
Ariana's "Into You"
This self-proclaimed 'Dangerous Woman' brings the heat with her latest club smash.

“I knew I wanted to work with Future, for sure,” Ariana Grande said earlier this year. “But I didn’t know if we could find the right song to do together because we’re so different.” Even so, in their debut collaboration “Everyday,” the duo have clearly found some common ground.

This time around, Ariana and Future sing to fat, distorted synths — the kind that had the DS2 songsmith comparing the rap game to slinging coke just a year ago. But when the Atlanta rapper warns that he’s “a bad guy,” she responds by singing “la la la la la.” This is more EDM festival fodder than Atlanta strip club fare, though it also vaguely recalls a time when Future had pop star ambitions before his hedonistic, post-Honest mixtape run.

Listen to “Everyday” below, and check out Ariana’s upcoming album Dangerous Woman (out May 20).

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