Drake Performs “One Dance” & “Hype” On ‘Saturday Night Live’: Watch

Christina Lee | May 15, 2016 8:36 am
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We’ve seen Drake do music for ten years now. A lot can happen in ten years. Yet during the May 14 episode of Saturday Night Live, we saw someone who doubled down on his “Worst Behavior.”

Essentially, Drake showed two sides of himself. One, during “One Dance,” is the guy who dances goofy for the camera without abandon. The other, during “Hype,” is the artist who will stop at nothing to be taken seriously as a hip-hop great. For the latter, Drake stepped out into a cloud of smoke, as if he imagined himself on WWE Smackdown. For those who saw “Hotline Bling,” or kept up with his beef with Meek Mill, this was nothing new. That is to say: Drake performed exactly as expected, which is fine but isn’t as exciting to see anymore.

Watch Drake perform “One Dance” up top, then “Hype” below.

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