Skai Jackson Explains Why She Decimated Azealia Banks On Twitter

Mike Wass | May 16, 2016 3:42 pm
Azealia's Apology For Twitter Meltdown
Azealia Banks finally got around to apologizing for her Twitter meltdown.

The one bright moment of Azealia Banks’ apocalyptic Twitter meltdown was an unexpected duel with 14-year-old Skai Jackson, which the rapper lost. Badly. The Disney actress not only made minced meat of Azealia, she did so without resorting to profanity or personal insults. Which made it something of a master class in shade. But why did the teenager get involved in the first place? The meme queen explains her motives in a new interview with Teen Vogue.

“I know who Azealia Banks is, and I would always see her trending on Twitter,” Skai explains. “At first I would never really pay attention to it, but then I realized she was trending because of all the negative things and all the racial slurs that she was saying to [Zayn Malik]. I felt like it was totally offensive and not right to say at all.” That’s when the teenager decided to speak out. “She’s a bully, and I’ve been bullied when I was younger. I’m against bullying, I hate it because I’ve dealt with it. I felt like I had to say something on my Twitter.”

And the Bunk’d star isn’t exactly sad about Azealia’s Twitter account being suspended. “There should be consequences that happen when you say things about people, especially racist things,” Skai says. “I’m honestly going to say I’ve heard some of her music; she is a talented person, but all that talent is being covered up with all this negativity that she’s causing on her own.” She even had a little career advice for the rapper.

“I hope that she takes a break from social media and everything and lays low for a little bit,” she reasons. “Even if that is deleting your Instagram or deleting your Twitter for a certain amount of time — which I’ve done before, just to get back into myself and get back in tune with myself. I definitely hope she realizes that what she’s doing is not cool. She may seem like she’s hurting people but she’s not. She’s kind of making a fool of herself and making a mockery of herself.” Ouch.

See Skai’s now-deleted tweets:

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