Leona Lewis Performs “Fire Under My Feet” On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Mike Wass | May 17, 2016 2:18 pm
Leona Lewis' 'I Am': Album Review
Leona's new album seems to be about more than just showcasing her voice.

Leona Lewis’ 2015 LP I Am stalled at a disappointing number 39 on the Billboard 200 and could only manage slightly better in the UK — debuting at number 12. (Something of a comedown when you consider her debut LP Spirit sold 8 million+ copies worldwide). However, the Brit clearly stands behind the record and is still actively promoting it. Take last night’s (May 16) performance on Dancing With The Stars.

The 30-year-old belted out lead single “Fire Under My Feet,” while a D-List celebrity couple danced around her — and still managed to come off as classy and sophisticated. The new, upbeat live arrangement also helped her cause. It sounded way better than the insomnia-curing album version. This era has been a real turning point for the diva, which she hinted at in a surprisingly personal Instagram post last year.

“Embarking on this album was an incredible land mark for me,” the “Bleeding Love” hitmaker wrote. “Starting out independently without the backing of a major label was a hard and long road. I had to strip back so many layers and let go of a lot of things and get UNCOMFORTABLE!” Which didn’t come naturally to her. “Being somewhat of an introvert, I found it highly challenging and emotionally draining at times but I always new that it was for a bigger purpose. I cannot tell you how proud this album makes me, and how personally liberated and peaceful I feel.” Watch the rejuvenated songbird in action up top.

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