Billie Marten’s Got That Samurai Sadness In “Milk & Honey” Video

Mike Wass | May 23, 2016 7:13 pm
The Drop: Billie Marten, Willa & White Sea
Your cheat sheet for New Music Friday featuring Billie Marten, Willa & White Sea.

The buzz surrounding 16-year-old Billie Marten reached fever pitch earlier this year when she was shortlisted for the prestigious BBC Sounds Of poll. (Previous winners include Adele and Sam Smith). She capitalized on that momentum by releasing a new single called “Milk & Honey” in late April. A fragile folk ballad about greed and consumerism, the first taste of the Brit’s major label debut is equal parts bittersweet and ethereal.

Those adjectives apply equally to the video, which arrived on Friday (May 20). Billie takes it back to feudal Japan for a saga involving a samurai and a tea master. She spends most of the clip wandering around a garden looking sad. The concept is an odd fit for the song, but it’s just quirky enough to work. “This video is not to be taken seriously at all, a little light heartedness in the whole scheme of things really,” the teenager explains. Watch up top.

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