New Find: Fall In Love With SHELLS’ Serene Debut Single “Gold”

Mike Wass | May 24, 2016 3:19 pm
New Find: Vera Blue's "Settle"
Vera Blue blends folk and electronica to mesmerizing effect on viral hit "Settle."

SHELLS makes an incredible first impression with “Gold.” A serene slow jam with intricate, multi-layered production and unusual flourishes (an African harp), the track signals the British newcomer as one to watch. “I lied and I really didn’t need to, but now I’m through with trying to please you,” she sings over quicksilver synths and strings. “Ooooh everybody’s made of gold, so put me in black and white, baby. I’m afraid of showing you my colors.”

So what’s it all about? “We’re all human, we all want to love and be loved,” SHELLS explains. “Gold is about love enabling us to overcome obstacles. It’s asking for love to put us in black and white, to simplify a difficult situation by highlighting the things that matter, and helping us to let go of the things that don’t.” Listen to the gorgeously atmospheric anthem below. More please.

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