‘The Voice’: Team Christina Aguilera’s Alisan Porter Wins & Sia, Zayn And More Perform

Caila Ball-Dionne | May 25, 2016 7:33 am

Tuesday’s (May 24) The Voice Season 10 finale had it all.

Coach performances? You betcha! Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams all took the stage at some point (lazy much, Adam Levine?) to sing away the stress of waiting for the results.

All-star guest performances? The finale more than delivered, with performances by Sia, Zayn Malik, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Nettles, Little Big Town, CeeLo Green and more.

Less all-star former contestant performances? This was in full force, as was the struggle to remember their names.

Contestants acting surprised and excited to receive mid-priced sedans and crossover SUVs? You know it, and the awkward promo even managed to rip off James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke before Alisan Porter, Laith Al-Saadi, Hannah Houston and Adam Wakefield “organically” ticked off exciting car features!

With all this fun, it’s almost a shame that the show ruined three contestants’ nights by actually announcing the results. Don’t worry: They didn’t get to it until the very end, so until then enjoy the finale in all of its glory.

Kicking off the night’s excitement (or continuing it, for anyone who caught that extra hour of season recap that preceded the results) is Little Big Town. The country singers perform “One Of Those Days” on a rainbow stage, and are joined by Pharrell, who produced not just this song, but a total of eight tracks on their new Wanderlust album.

Next, CeeLo Green makes his grand return to The Voice to duet with Hannah Huston. The former coach lends “Crazy” to the show (in so many ways), and it’s so much better than Hannah’s duet with Pharrell on Monday. In the fashion department, CeeLo doesn’t disappoint, dressing like a modern take on The Wizard Of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West, right in the middle of when she (spoiler alert) melts.

Next, it’s time to play everyone’s favorite finale drinking game: Wait, Who’s That Again? Drink every time you can’t remember a “bring back” contestant’s name without being prompted by Carson Daly, starting with Alisan Porter’s bring back. Sure you recognize Paxton Ingram, but those other two that Alisan calls on to sing Heart’s “Straight On?” Yeah, drink and drink as Kata Hay and Ryan Quinn accompany Alisan and Paxton on the track.

Joe Walsh lends Laith Al-Saadi a guitar master hand to perform “Rocky Mountain Way.” It’s a hit for all the cool dads in the audience that lets Laith, again, showcase his guitar skills.

It’s always avant-garde perfection when Sia performs. The artistic goddess sings “Cheap Thrills” with a trio of dancers, and it’s mesmerizing. The show could end right at this moment, on a high note, and no one would notice that he winners were never announced.

But we plug on. It takes a 27-time Grammy Award winner to be worthy enough to follow Sia, so that’s just who takes the stage. Country singer Alison Krauss sings “Willin’” with Adam Wakefield, and the country voices complement one another nicely.

Refill your drink, because Hannah Huston’s bring back performance is next. Hannah sings Adele’s “When We Were Young” with Bryan Bautista, Caity Peters (drink), and Brian Nhira (drink). Even though their names may have escaped the general consciousness, their talent still remains, and it’s a solid group performance.

Back to the actual super star guests! Zayn Malik adds a little more energy after the last two somber performances with “Like I Would.” Commence teen screaming everywhere.

Blake Shelton performs “She’s Got A Way With Words,” which is way more of a downer breakup anthem than his “Go Ahead And Break My Heart” duet with Gwen Stefani. His fellow coaches give him a standing ovation for his on-point performance.

Things get a little awkward during Laith’s bring back performance, when Katie Basden (drink), Shalyah Fearing, and Owen Danoff are all announced…but Owen never actually takes the stage to sing “Georgia On My Mind” by Ray Charles. Apparently Owen is sick (he literally tweeted a doctor’s note), but that memo didn’t come in time to edit him out of the package (understandable) or to correctly label the video posted on the NBC site after he didn’t perform (less so).

It gets very CMA in the house when Alisan Porter and Jennifer Nettles sing “Unlove You.” If Alisan is the least bit nervous about the forthcoming results, she does not show it during this controlled performance.

The final bring back performance is Adam Wakefield’s, and he brings back Mary Sarah, Nick Hagelin, and Justin Whisnat (drink) to sing Spencer Davis Group’s “Gimme Some Lovin.’” The energy level is high for everyone, but it’s a performance that makes it just so apparent how vocally superior Adam Wakefield is to these once-contestants.

Closing out the show (the non-results part, anyway) are Ariana Grande and Christina Aguilera. Ariana starts solo with “Into You,” and Xtina joins her for “Dangerous Woman.” It’s not quite at the iconic level as Xtina’s Season 5 “Do What U Want” finale performance with Lady Gaga (mostly because there are no gold lamé gowns to speak of), but it’s pretty spectacular nonetheless.

And that wraps up Season X of The Voice! Catch you back in the fall when Miley Cyrus spices things up.

But wait, there’s more…

Oh, right! The results! We can’t forget the most important of the 120 minutes (well…one of the top 10 most important minutes at least).

4th Place: Team Adam’s Laith Al-Saadi

As of Monday night, Adam was still marveling at how amazing it was that Laith made it this far, so this ranking is about right. Never change, Laith, though do feel free to trim the beard from time to time.

3rd Place: Team Pharrell’s Hannah Huston

This would have been quite a miraculous upset, but she did go from Hannah “Who?”ston to a second runner up in a just a few weeks, so take it as a victory, girl.

2nd Place: Team Blake’s Adam Wakefield

Not this time, WGWG army! Blake’s talented contestant brings Shelton this-close to another victory, but he ultimately (slash inevitably) falls short to…

YOUR NEW VOICE CHAMPION: Team Christina’s Alisan Porter.

There is a lot of jumping and a lot of screaming between Season 10 besties Christina and Alisan as the season-long presumptive winner takes the big prize. Despite protesting to Carson, “Oh my god I can’t sing!” when he unceremoniously rips her newly won trophy out of her hands and replaces it with a mic, she’s forced into vocal servitude (get used to it) and semi-sings “I’ve Been Down That Road” alongside family, randoms and confetti.

And there it is. Love it? Hate it? Just excited for Miley to coach next season? Let us know in the comments below!