Prince’s Revolution Keyboardist Has Mixed Feelings About Madonna’s Tribute

Carl Williott | May 25, 2016 2:26 pm

Are you all sick of arguing about Madonna‘s Prince tribute? Oh, you’re not? Well good, because finally, someone whose opinion on the matter actually matters has weighed in (no offense to Madonna, it’s just that she’s biased right?). Prince’s Revolution keyboardist “Doctor” Matt Fink spoke to Billboard about the tribute…and he has mixed feelings. So then this still isn’t settled.

“I’m a huge Madonna fan, always have been, and I know her heart was in, all of it,” Doctor Fink said. “My own personal opinion was I wish she’d done more of a medley, maybe, not just ‘Nothing Compares’ and go right into ‘Purple Rain’ with Stevie Wonder. I thought there should have been more thought put into it as a real tribute, give the fans more than two songs. Maybe she should’ve done three or four where it’s more medley style and culminating with ‘Purple Rain.'”

Fink, who was a member of the Revolution and continued playing with Prince for five years after that band’s 1986 dissolution, doesn’t place the blame on Madge for any shortcomings, but on the show’s producers.

“I wish the producers of the show had asked affiliated Prince artists to be involved with it, too,” he added. “I don’t know if the Revolution would have done it. Even if we’d been asked in a proper way I think we may have turned it down because…it’s too soon. I don’t know how that would be perceived. But nobody asked us.”

Revisit the divisive tribute below.

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