New Find: Ralph Plays It Cool On “Cold To The Touch”

Carl Williott | May 25, 2016 3:04 pm

Our latest New Find is Raffa Weyman, who performs as Ralph. She hails from Toronto, and while the world has gotten to know that city’s sprawling, wintry musical aesthetic over the last few years thanks to stars like Drake and The Weeknd, her new song “Cold To The Touch” couldn’t sound more out of time with her region’s current cultural moment.

The track is built on a rubbery synth-funk groove, and Ralph’s voice commands without ever sounding like she even needs to exert herself — even while dropping devastating lines like “Just tryna be honest, I’m not what you wanted.” It’s smooth enough to come from any era and any city — the only timestamp is the impossible-to-identify electro-squiggle during the middle eight — giving it an immediate, universal appeal.

Hear it below.

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