Jason Derulo Poses For ‘Vulcan,’ Talks Prince & His Raunchy “Naked” Video

Mike Wass | May 25, 2016 3:23 pm
Pop Perspective: Jason Derulo's "If It Ain't Love"
Jason Derulo's new single is the latest to get dragged under the Idolator microscope.

Jason Derulo is typically suave in a new fashion shoot for Vulcan. The 26-year-old, who is currently promoting new single “If It Ain’t Love,” talked to the online magazine about Prince’s death and his raunchy “Naked” video. “I’m somebody who was really intrigued by him early on,” he says of the late superstar. “He was a big influence on my music and the artist that I am today for sure… it’s crazy losing all these legends so young.”

As for that video, Jason says he took it all off. “Absolutely I was naked! I made it happen. I wanted it to be authentic; I wanted it to be something that signified the song. It wasn’t about chains or jewelry or anything, it was literally about me, the content and what I was [singing] about. That song is more than just being unclothed, naked meaning with nothing else that I can hide behind; It’s literally just me.” Read the full interview here.

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