You Tried It: The Good, The Bad & The Madonna Of This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | May 27, 2016 5:00 pm

What a week, dolls! Madonna ruffled a few feathers with her Prince tribute, Britney Spears performed (er, lip-synced) her way through a medley of hits at the 2016 BBMAs and hallelujah – Hilary Duff is working on her next album! Here at Idolator, we spoke to Tegan and Sara about their upcoming album Love You To Death and lamented over the state of pop music in our latest Silent Shout.

But before we ride off into the sunset for our Memorial Day weekends, let us revisit this week’s best and worst reader comments.


Most Loyal Subject Of The Queen: JT Lee

When Her Madgesty took to Instagram to defend her Billboard Music Awards Prince tribute performance, this guy brought up a few points: “A lot of people love her and her tribute. If you don’t like her, don’t make her more famous by talking about her; just look away. As far as I know, a lot of people outside the U.S. are interested in English or American pop culture because of her, and if there were one artist from my country can attract as much interest as she does, I would consider them a hero. Long live the Queen.”

Lucky Star Of The Week: Enrico Henry Bettarello


Brit Army Turncoat: Ritchie R

Britney Spears’ loyal fans weren’t all thrilled with the singer’s showing at the Billboard Music Awards: “That Britney performance was WEAK AF!!!! And I’m a Britney stan! ‘Breathe On Me’…’I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll’?!?! What kinda random ‘medley of hits’ was this?! She’s going to be coming out with (let’s all hope) is some fierce new single/era soon and she gives us this?! A rehearsal session for her Vegas tour?!!!This was a lost opportunity to make a splash again in this ever competitive pop girl world.Best part- the slave for u dance breakdown. She did slay that”

Truth-Teller Of The Week: Carl Williott

Yes, Carl is one of Idolator’s very own managing editors. But his Silent Shout column hit the nail on the head this week as he considered the get-it-quick, chew-it-up-it-up-and-spit-it-out nature of music in the digital age. Or, as he puts it, Pop Is Great Right Now, So Why Am I So Bored? That all prompted the following feedback:

IntenseReader: “2016 has been good music wise but it’s boring because nowadays popstars don’t make an effort to bring good quality entertainment, they care more about digital records than promoting their music properly, they’re as obsessed with social media and internet as everybody else. I’d rather see Beyoncé doing interviews and performing her new material in tv shows around the world than reading all kind of ridiculous and pretentious sh*t about her in music blogs and every single media outlet on the internet. Streaming is great for those who enjoy music 24/7 on digital devices but buying music on physical is still great, just having a nice booklet with great pictures and graphic design on your hands feels amazing, knowing you will always have an album in your collection still feels fulfilling.”

Tomo96: “Carl, I could not agree with you more at the moment. Pop music; musically, is in a really good place but for some reason its not as enjoyable as it was back in the 2009 era when we had Gaga/Bey/Katy/Kesha and more pop titans effortlessly ruling/competing on the charts. Nowadays it feels like its missing something and unfortunately it most likely all comes back to the difficult streaming situation we find ourselves in. Also possibly the genre blending and experimentalism from big pop acts. Your right, I guess all we can do is write, dissect and examine pop and just enjoy the really good music, no matter how unexciting and distorted it is in this fast-paced and high-tech moment in time.”

SoSaysDan: “So stop over-streaming, buy a physical copy of someone’s album, and dissect it. I find this article a tad hilarious, though the irony is it brings up a fantastic point. It’s not just music, it’s everything else. I’m not naive enough to say the whole world is the same, but state-side we’re a consumer based nation. We can’t take the time to enjoy ANYTHING anymore. Not even a damn cup of coffee, or a VACATION! We’re constantly tied to our phones, looking for the next best thing….. And that doesn’t just tie to music… Supporting art. What does that even mean today?”

houseofimmite: “The Silent Shout is one of the few things I anticipate every single week. It is exactly like you said. Music is not interesting enough without the analyzing and deconstructing.”

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