Troy Ave Arrested In Relation To Irving Plaza Shooting, Pleads Not Guilty

Rachel Sonis | May 31, 2016 3:44 pm

Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave (real name Roland Collins) has been arrested in connection to the shooting at T.I.‘s Irving Plaza concert last Wednesday (May 25). Collins has been charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon but pleaded not guilty during his court hearing in Manhattan on Monday night (May 30).

The MC was arraigned after an 11-second video surfaced showing a shooter storming into the venue’s green room and opening fire moments after rapper Maino‘s set.

According to the New York Daily News, prosecutors noted that Collins shot the gun five times, killing his bodyguard Ronald McPhatter and injuring three (including himself).

“This defendant is on video coming out of the VIP room where the individuals were shot,” Assistant District Attorney Christine Keenan said. “He had the gun in his hand and was seen firing that gun in the direction of fleeing patrons.”

Even so, Collins’ attorney Scott Leemon denies his involvement. Leemon mentioned that Collins would not shoot McPhatter, as they were old friends.

“The person who was killed at this event, he died a hero. He was his bodyguard,” Leemon said. ” He wasn’t shot by Mr. Collins. He was a lifelong friend.”

He continued, “This 11 seconds of video that the NYPD released, it doesn’t say what happened before, it doesn’t say what happened after. The scientific evidence will show he didn’t shoot himself.”

Collins was denied his request for $50,000 bail, and his charges could also be upgraded if the ballistic test confirms his involvement in the murder of McPhatter. He is the police’s first and only arrest following the tragic incident.

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