St. Lucia Sends A Pair Of Converse On A Journey In “Help Me Run Away” Video: Watch

Rachel Sonis | June 1, 2016 11:54 am

Before hitting the road for their fall tour, St. Lucia has released the video for their latest single “Help Me Run Away.”

Directed by NORTON, the clip sees a New York couple breaking up, and the woman (dressed in red heels) heading for Los Angeles. The guy (barefoot) shrugs it off, but his white converse high-tops don’t take to the heartbreak too kindly. They proceed to go on a wild goose chase across the United States to be reunited with their “shoe soul-mate.”

“The idea of having disembodied shoes running around while I screamed ‘Help Me RUN Away’ over the top just seemed too perfect not to do,” frontman Jean-Philip Grobler told Entertainment Weekly.

And why white Chuck Taylors, you ask? “They’re the most classic Rock & Roll shoe,” reveals the singer. “I’m not sure any other shoe is more iconic or recognisable than the white Converse All Star High Top. That, and nothing shows up dirt better than white.”

Watch the video below, and read out review of St. Lucia’s sophomore album Matter here.

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