Robin Thicke’s Instagram Is Kind Of Gross, But He Hasn’t Lost His Sense Of Humor (8 Pics)

Mike Wass | June 1, 2016 3:12 pm
Robin & Nicki's "Back Together" Video
Nicki Minaj dances for Robin Thicke in their "Back Together" video. Watch.

Robin Thicke overshares like a cash-strapped Kardashian on Instagram. The R&B singer has been flooding his account with snaps from his romantic getaway with impossibly-named 21-year-old girlfriend April Love. They range from beaming selfies to sleazy bikini pics and corny sunset poses. The 38-year-old’s Insta game falls somewhere between cute and gross, but at least he hasn’t lost his sense of humor as one self-deprecating video proves.

The “Blurred Lines” chart-topper posted a clip of a flock of seagulls suddenly flying away (below) with the caption: “This is what happened to my fans after my last album.” Of course, Robin is referring to his disastrous Paula LP — a painfully awkward ploy to reunite with ex-wife Paula Patton. He seemed to turn things around with breezy R&B anthem “Morning Sun” and perky Nicki Minaj collaboration “Back Togther,” but album number eight still hasn’t been released.

This is what happened to my fans after my last album…

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