10 Photos Of Alessia Cara Channeling The Isolation Of “Here” In The Name Of Brand Consistency

Carl Williott | June 2, 2016 1:39 pm

In the most ironic of pop breakthroughs, Alessia Cara is in the spotlight thanks to a song about shying away from it. By now, she has performed on the Tonight Show (twice) and in front of huge crowds alongside Taylor Swift and in support of Coldplay. She met hometown hero Drake. She may be spending far less time at home all by herself, but she is clearly loving the newfound notoriety — as she should be!

Q&A:: Alessia looks back on her big year

And yet…Alessia is famous for a loner anthem about being surrounded by people she doesn’t wanna be around. So for the sake of brand consistency, she can’t seem too happy during all this time spent being surrounded by random people, lest she seem “inauthentic.” [For this angle to work, suspend disbelief and act like we still live in a pop world that values authenticity.]

So we’ve compiled 10 photos of the young singer looking like she’s not enjoying her new fame, asking herself what is she doing here. Channel the isolation up top.