Brooke Candy Turns The Tables On Catchy New Single “Nasty”

Mike Wass | June 2, 2016 8:09 pm
Brooke Candy's Gloomy "Happy Days"
Brooke Candy waves goodbye to rap on catchy new single "Happy Days." Listen.

After picking up where she left off on “Rubber Band Stacks,” Brooke Candy has quietly moved away from the twisted white-girl rap of her Opulence EP (to surprisingly great effect) on subsequent singles from debut LP The Daddy Issues. She got the ball rolling with the gloomy electro-pop of “Happy Days” and employed a guest vocalist to tackle the chorus on “Changes.” The 26-year-old now delivers her best pop single to date with “Nasty.”

Co-written by Jayson DeZuzio, “Nasty” finds Brooke turning the tables on fuckboys. “If he slide in your DMs like a snake in the grass and if he roar like a lion he gon’ Tyga your ass,” she purrs over a perky piano and horn arrangement. “If you see him creepin’ baby watch your back, because if it walk like a duck then that bitch gon’ quack.” Why the (reformed) rapper’s musical style is evolving, the visual is quintessential Candy. Watch the outrageous, Rankin-directed opus below.

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