Paris Hilton Celebrates The 10 Year Anniversary Of “Stars Are Blind”

Mike Wass | June 6, 2016 3:42 pm

Yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of Paris Hilton’s legendary debut single “Stars Are Blind.” Released on June 5, 2006 at the height of her mid-’00s fame, the reggae-tinged, summery anthem defied all expectations by being very, very good. The DJ/heiress paid tribute to her biggest hit — it peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 — on Instagram last night by posting clips of the black-and-white video as well as a behind-the-scenes look at recording the song.

“‘Stars Are Blind’ was produced by [Sheppard] Solomon and Fernando Garibay,” Paris says in the vintage video. “Fernando really knows his beats. I really trusted him. He and Shep just wrote the song for me. They thought it would be the perfect summer song and I love it.” Interestingly, when I interviewed the producer last year, he revealed that the track was originally intended for a scrapped Gwen Stefani album.

“I was working with Jimmy Iovine and I was really trying to get a cut on Gwen Stefani’s album, so I was experimenting with reggae and ska,” the hitmaker recounts. “But then Jimmy called me and said she’s starting a family now, so never mind. Anyway, later on I got a phone call from Warner Bros and they told me they signed Paris and were looking for songs. I was like, ‘I already started a song idea, let me flush it out.'”

He then tailored the track for Paris. “At the time, she was at the height of her fame, and there was a lot of resentment. There’s fall out, because sometimes that lifestyle can come across the wrong way to the underprivileged and the disenfranchised. It’s understandable. I knew she was a really kind person. There’s a reality that people don’t see. I’m like, ‘I have to make her likable to everybody.'”

“I’ve got to show that a song can change perspectives,” Fernando continued. “A great song heals all. I also wanted to prove that she could sing. No auto tune was used in the making of that record. I had her sing the song every day for two months. Even if it was 10 minutes, 30 minutes she’d come in and do a line, or come in and do a verse. I had her doing different passes.” That dedication paid off. “Stars Are Blind” was not only a commercial success, but also unexpectedly influential.

Charli XCX memorably called it a “pop classic” on Instagram and named the heiress’ debut LP as a major influence on her new album. “I’ve been really inspired by Paris Hilton, small dogs and a glitter, luxe lifestyle,” the “Boom Clap” diva told The Mirror. “One of my favorite songs ever is ‘Stars Are Blind’ — it’s pop genius.” It’s hard to disagree with that assessment. See Paris’ throwback posts below.

In the studio recording #StarsAreBlind with @FernandoGaribay. 🎶👩🏼🎶 #10YearAnniversary ✨🌠✨

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#StarsAreBlind ✨✨⭐️✨✨ #10YearAnniversary 👑

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Today is the 10 Year Anniversary of #StarsAreBlind🍾 Had so much fun shooting this music video🔥

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