Abra Premieres “Crybaby,” Announces ‘PRINCESS’ EP For July

Carl Williott | June 8, 2016 10:39 am

Lots of big news for lo-fi digi-R&B siren Abra, who had one of the best alt-pop albums of 2015 and was one of our names to watch this year. The Atlanta-based Awful Records singer/producer is ready to strike again with her PRINCESS EP, out July 15 and led by new single “CRYBABY.” It’ll be her first release on True Panther Sounds (home to a varied roster including Tanlines, Tobias Jesso Jr. and King Krule).

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On “CRYBABY,” the darkwave duchess takes her usual blend of syncopated synth plinks and ’80s diva vocals and brings it all into slightly sharper relief — everything’s a bit cleaner in the mix, her voice is front-loaded. But the song retains that sense of a girl pouring her heart out from her bedroom over sounds you’d expect to hear out of a portable radio circa 1988.

Hear it below.