Spencer Pratt Drags Lady Gaga, Says Heidi Montag’s Version Of “Fashion” Sounded Way Better

Mike Wass | June 8, 2016 4:04 pm
Lady Gaga's "Til It Happens To You" Video
Lady Gaga's haunting "Til It Happens To You" video finally arrived. Watch.

Spencer Pratt has lashed out at Lady Gaga and Ryan Tedder for thwarting Heidi Montag’s music career in a new interview with Spin. He claims the OneRepublic singer originally offered “Reach Out” to the “Body Language” diva, but then gave it Hilary Duff when she offered more money. The Hills villain also claims he was integral in turning “Apologize” into a hit. “I took a song that he had and gave it to the music supervisor for The Hills,” he recalls. “He never thanked me. He never called me up. He just ghosted me.”

The 32-year-old has even harsher words for Lady Gaga, who penned “Fashion” for Heidi Montag (at least, according to Spencer) and then took the song back. “It sounded way better when Heidi did it, everyone knows,” he claims, before explaining why Mother Monster is his least favorite person in the music industry. “[Gaga] wrote a song with RedOne. RedOne gave it to Heidi and they put it out and everything. And then when it was on The View and getting all this press because Heidi had her Heidi fashion show, and the song ‘Fashion’ was playing.”

“All of sudden Lady Gaga freaked out, called Red One, ‘That’s my song! I wanted that!’ and da-da-da. Whatever though, her last album flopped, so she got her kaaaa-karma.” But he didn’t stop there. “She’s such a fraud and it’s so frustrating. It’s like, you were so edgy and creative and now you’re so glamorous and classy and ride horses in Malibu and date the most atypical stud and ride around on the back of a motorcycle with Bradley Cooper. It’s like, where are all your monsters? Give me a break.”

Listen to Heidi’s version of “Fashion”:

compare it with Lady Gaga’s take:

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