Some Purported Lady Gaga LG5 Leaks Are Floating Around The Web

Carl Williott | June 9, 2016 12:07 pm

Lady Gaga‘s LG5 may have sprung a leak, as a few purported demos and rough cuts from her next (non-Tony Bennett) album have surfaced online. Back in April, the laptop of her sometime collaborator DJ White Shadow was stolen, so it’s possible that is the source — but Breathe Heavy points out it could be the unrelated work of a hacker responsible for the recent Katy Perry breach.

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The main file that Monsters are poring over is a super-low-quality rip apparently from a Periscope session which fans have dubbed “All Mine.” The song has a major pop-rock bent, but the vocals are very faint, which could be an indicator that it’s fake. Listen to it here.