Alec Benjamin’s “End Of The Summer”: Premiere

Mike Wass | June 10, 2016 10:00 am
Alec Benjamin's "Paper Crown" Video
Alec Benjamin impresses with debut single "Paper Crown." Watch the animated video.

Alec Benjamin first appeared on my radar in 2014 with melancholy, lo-fi pop anthem “Paper Crown.” The 22-year-old returns today (June 10) with a killer single called “End Of The Summer” and he’s still knee-deep in feelings. However, the Arizona singer/songwriter now has a crisp synth-pop sound. The end product falls somewhere between gnash and Troye Sivan, which is a very good thing.

Produced by Sacha Scarbek, “End Of The Summer” documents a relationship that never quite had the chance to blossom. “Well, we grew up and we both moved out, we went to different schools in different towns and is it too late to tell you now I love you still?” Alec ponders over sleek synths. “Mistakes I made when I was younger and it’s too late to discover love at the end of the summer, at the end of the summer.” We’re excited to premiere the track below.

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