You Tried It: The Good, The Bad & The Nick Jonas Of This Week’s Reader Comments

Rachel Sonis | June 10, 2016 4:58 pm

Ok so – this week in pop music was kind of nuts.

For starters, Madonna shared the stage with President Obama on The Tonight Show, Ed Sheeran got sued for $20 million over allegedly stealing “Photograph,”  and Spencer Pratt dissed Lady Gaga and Ryan Tedder. Oh and also, Justin Bieber released his video for “Company” and then subsequently got decked in the face after game 3 of the NBA finals in Cleveland.

But ultimately, this week belongs to Nick Jonas, who released his latest album Last Year Was Complicated today (June 10). Not only that, but he also dropped videos for both “Bacon” and the super steamy “Under You.”

Needless to say, all of this news had everyone chatting up a storm! Read some of this week’s best and worst reader comments below.

Madge’s Biggest Fan: Mlova

This treasure loved every second of Obama and Madonna’s Tonight Show episode.

“Incredible night on Jimmy Fallon. Queen and President on the same show. Loved every second. Madonna was perfection”

The Skeptical Sis: Lee Oldfield

David Bowie-producer Tony Visconti questioned Adele‘s signature power-house vocals, and this doll seemed skeptical as well.

But Andy Claus knew what was actually going on here.

The Truth-Teller Of The Week: Chistopher Jarmark

Praise Christopher for speaking the #truth when Spencer Pratt dragged Lady Gaga and Ryan Tedder for apparently ruining Heidi Montag‘s career.

Dawn Richard’s Biggest Supporter: George Otiono

George took one look at Dawn Richard‘s new video for “Wake Up” and bam! A new D∆WN stan was born.

And finally….

A Believer In The Power Of “Bacon”: Harlan Greenstein 

“Only Nick Jonas can [sing a] song about “Bacon” and get away with it!!!”

‘Nuff said.

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