Newly Signed Pop Group Citizen Four Cover Rihanna’s “Needed Me”

Mike Wass | June 14, 2016 4:44 pm
Rihanna's Sexy "Needed Me" Video
Rihanna is a savage in her sexy "Needed Me" video. Watch the raunchy clip.

Rihanna’s “Needed Me” is the go-to cover song of the moment. Last week King Deco dropped a dreamy overhaul and now Citizen Four, a new pop group signed to Island Records, delivers a more faithful interpretation. Their version showcases their collective vocal chops as they effortless harmonize and shine individually. The guys have original music coming over the summer, so definitely keep an eye/ear out for that.

It turns out Citizen Four is something of a super group with all four members achieving success individually. Carson Boatman, 21, and younger brother Conner Boatman, 19, both dabbled in music and modeling before joining the group, while Austin Percario, 20, and Josh Levi, 17, were both finalists on The X Factor and have crazy social followings. Watch the guys in action up top.

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